Foreign Investment (FI)

”The group is dealing with the socio-economic and political issues in the environment they live in, yet their questioning is chiefly economical; indeed, they are examining the social and cultural formations and transformation caused by economic phenomena at micro-and macro level with their work, they wish to raise an awareness for the conditions we live in and formulate invitations to contribute to the (re) formation of this environment.”                Beral Madra, Curator
“Appropriating images and rituals of money in a way that causes both questions and humor on an everyday level is the core content of British-based art group foreign investment (FI). Their work plays with the corporate language and image to challenge the commercialization of the art world that transforms the art object and image of the individual artist into investment tools.”   Marieke de Goede, Professor of Politics
recent works include: HAPPY HOUR! Holden Gallery MMU Manchester an interactive live art event inspired by weather reports, swinging between normality and crisis mode. I WANNA BE ME I WANNA BE (E) U Projecting personal identities through fashion, in times of economic and ecological uncertainties in close collaboration with LCF and Arcade East Gallery part of Waltham Forest LB of Culture programme (2019)
LOST commissioned by Ron den Daas & Kathy Kenny for WNT at the Linnean Society, London. Alan Dunn for Liverpool Provocations: A series of artistic interruptions (2016). Ying Kwok for “Collector Club” at art space Oi! in Hong Kong (2014) Ron den Daas and Kathy Kenny for Wild New Territories in London, Vancouver and Berlin (2012/13), Chinese Art Center, Manchester (20110, the Arts Council of England (2010), Mesen for Oslo Gold Exchange (2010) and events such as 5th Floor, International Festival, Tate Liverpool (2009), The Wharf Project organised by V22 (2008), Good Diversions, Bluecoat Art Centre (2006), The Venice Oratory commissioned by William Furlong for Venice Agendas IV, Neighbours in Dialogue,  51st Venice Biennale (2005), Trajectories, Rio de Janeiro (2001), Poker part of the Oreste programme, 48th Venice Biennale (1999) and Gold Exchange part of the 5th Istanbul Biennale fringe programme.
Spontaneity cannot be underestimated

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