The Fifth Floor: Ideas Taking Space at the Tate Liverpool, a thought provoking although aesthetically pleasing installation that could be described as an audible tableau vivant for visitors to look at and listen to was presented. The space has been facilitated by International Festival who designed a modular and flexible installation that can be modified and reconfigured to host a myriad of performances and activities. The tableau consists of a formal afternoon tea party with two-dozen invited guests, locked into a perpetual discussion of the vexed question of science and fecundity. As in previous works, The Immaculate Conception is typical in its lack of theatrical pretension and its combination of quiet earnestness, and a sense of playful amusement and generosity that is rare in contemporary art-works. Flanked by scarlet red partition walls, the guests eat and drink while analyzing recent advances in genetic science. The invited guests are drawn from a range of professions Philosopher, Priest, Gene scientist, Utopian, General Practitioner, Mathematician, Physicist, Architect, Nun, Gynaecologist, Computer scientist, Psychologist, Therapist, Sceptic, Banker, Linguist, Biologist, Art critic, Artist.  They are likely, but not obliged, to roam around topics such as designer babies, the big bang, gene technology, creation eugenics and hospital hygiene.
Was Jesus the first designer baby?
another ‘Immaculate Conception’ Event took place in October 2008 – to celebrate the opening of The Wharf Road Project organised by V22,  Colm Lally of E:vent Gallery has invited foreign investment to collaborate and to (re)create the famous Iguanodon dinnerof 1853
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