The one-day event in the House gallery was part of a month-long series of
shows and events called Yesvember organised by Mark McGowen, PaulKane and Chunky Arts  in November 2004.
Good Morning Camberwell unfolded as a one-day, super-local on-the-pavement radio broadcast with and for the people of Camberwell Church Street. DJ Terry was broad-casting the favourite songs of residents and passers-by from behind the window display of the Gallery, while members of foreign investment were facilitating the drop-in radio studio, assisting people to connect their personal portable music devices to the amplifiers, joining the mix, inviting shoppers to make use of the ‘open mic’ and handing out a limited edition of Good Morning Camberwell t-shirt to all participants. At times, people were dancing in the high street, drivers raving behind their steering wheels; it was an impromptu street celebration, an unexpected gift on a chilly November day to everyone involved.
Yesvember, London
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